Jonathan Hornett - Your Green Party Candidate

solar2The Green Party is the only political party that recognises the fact that it is now considerably cheaper, as well as being safer and cleaner, to get energy from renewable sources than from fossil fuels. This is why we think it’s wiser to focus more on solar and wind energy than on high-carbon alternatives or nuclear.

In January this year, Michael Drexler — the Head of Long Term Investing, Infrastructure and Development at the World Economic Forum — said that renewable energy now “constitutes the best chance to reverse global warmingand that itis not only a commercially viable option, but an outright compelling investment opportunity with long-term, stable, inflation-protected returns.

Here are five very good reasons to support renewable energy with the Green Party:

1) it is cheaper to invest in renewable energy than in dirty energy
2) renewable energy is perhaps our best chance to…

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