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It is normal in January to reflect on the progress made in the previous year. The Rocky Mountain Institute provides what it believes are the 12 major developments on the Energy Efficiency Markets website.

Rocky Mountain Institute’s 12 Clean Energy Developments of 2015

Philips-LA-Steet-Lights-58It was a good year for clean energy development, says the Rocky Mountain Institute’s Laurie Guevara-Stone. Here are a dozen reasons why.

From a global climate accord to major domestic progress on the renewables front, 2015 was a great year for clean energy. As the 12 days of Christmas concludes today, January 5, here are—fittingly—12 things we saw as the biggest developments of the year, in no particular order.


In December, 196 nations reached a landmark accord to address climate change—committing nearly every country to lower greenhouse gas emissions. The agreement achieved at COP21 in Paris aims to keep global temperatures from rising more…

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